Spanish Point Flyin 1-2 Sept 2012

Spanish Point is hosting its annual Fly In on Saturday and Sunday next (1/2 Sept) and I would like to extend an invitation to you and your members of course. The event spans both days, weather depending and there is some socialising in Miltown Malbay on the Saturday night.

This grass strip is about 550m long and the field is generally dry.

However, if there is prolonged rain during the days preceeding the event, it may be too wet ‘under-wheels’ to hold the event. It is relatively easy to find directly south of Miltown Malbay and to the east of the Spanish Point Road. The bright red wind sock pin points the spot.

Camping areas are provided and festivities shall continue after the end of VFR in the town of Miltown Malbay!

Spanish Point Airfield Location:

N 52 50.813′

W009 24.871′

R 24/06

Freq: 123.30

Carrickmore Flyin 22 & 23 Sept 2012

Carrickmore Flying Club near Omagh in N. Ireland are hoping to run a charity fly-in event on Saturday 22nd-Sunday 23rd September 2012.

Should the weather on the Saturday be unsuitable the event shall be moved to the Sunday.

Carrickmore Flying Club is situated near Omagh in N. Ireland.

Airfield details are as follows:

2 NM S of Carrickmore, co-ordinates:
N 54:34.276
W 007:02.654

Freq: 129.825
Elev: 541ft

08/26 505 Hard

All circuits are performed to the north of the field so it’s a left-hand circuit on RW 08 and a right-hand circuit on RW 26.

Landmarks which may be useful to you are a windfarm with 12 turbines to the SW and a second windfarm with 6 turbines which is situated just to the south of the strip in the deadside area. There is also quarry on short finals to RW 26 at around 500 feet.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

C-More Flying Club

NMAI & FII Fly-In 2012 – Pilot Brief

To register go to:

Follwing on from a very successful fly-in in 2011, the NMAI and FII Magazine are hosting another joint fly-in at Clonbullogue on the weekend of July 14th and 15th. The event is not limited to microlights, in fact any aircraft that can land at Clonbullogue is very welcome! The idea behind the event is to bring as many people in aviation together at one event to catch up, have a chat about challenges facing our sport and enjoy ourselves. We’re also trying to promote microlight flying to other pilots in different categories of flying, in particular to demonstrate how affordable microlight flying can be.  All are welcome. If it flies bring it in. No landing fees. Free camping on site. Showers, cafe, BBQ, live music in the marquee. Huge parking area opened for the weekend.

NOTE: All welcome but you must register to attend this event due to parachuting at the field.

The Pilot brief is available to download here – Download Pilot Brief