French Microlights free to visit Ireland for up to 28 Days

The IAA have published a revision to Aeronautical Notice A19 which includes French registered aircraft operating on Flight Permits. Such aircraft are welcome to visit Ireland for up to 28 days without any additional airworthiness documentation. This does not apply to gyrocopters or ex-military aircraft.

The requirement to have a valid pilot licence, acceptable for use in Ireland, still applies of course, as do all other customs requirements etc. It is anticipated that the French DGAC will reciprocate this and publish their own notice. We will inform members if/when this happens.

The full text of the Aeronautical Notice can be read HERE. If there are any French pilots wishing to visit Ireland and would like some advice on planning, customs, flight plans etc. please feel free to contact us at


NMAI Fly-In 2014

Our fly-in this year will be held in association with FlyingInIreland Magazine and will be held at Limetree Airfield over the weekend of August 2nd / 3rd. Anyone who is planning on arriving on the Friday evening will be welcome to join us for a BBQ. Download a copy of the poster here.

Visitors will be welcome to camp or can stay in locally available accommodation. For more information please contact Mark Brereton (details on the poster). For anyone travelling from overseas and would like some advice on planning their trip (GAR form, flight plans, aispace etc.) feel free to contact More details will be published on closer to the event.

It’s all systems go for the fly-in on August 2nd/3rd. There will be food available throughout the weekend (similar to last year). On Saturday evening there will be live music and a bar in the hangar. We will have aerobatic displays throughout the weekend and we are delighted that the Dublin based Search and Rescue Sikorsky S92 will visit us on Sunday afternoon. Of course the airfield should be buzzing with activity throughout the weekend with a wide range of different aircraft expected.

We will have a spot landing competition and a timed circuit competition on Saturday afternoon. Details can be found in the briefing pack below. Prizes will be awarded on the Saturday evening. A briefing pack has been put together with airfield information, frequencies, competitions, accommodation etc. Download Pilot brief  here.

We look forward to seeing you over the weekend!


NMAI Fly-In2014



Membership for 2014-2015 now due

Membership for the coming year (2014-2015) is now due and we would appreciate if existing/former members could renew their memberships as soon as possible. The NMAI relies on strength in numbers and each and every new member is extremely valuable for us.

Member benefits

  • Access to a low cost permit system
  • Advice on microlight maintenance, building and purchasing
  • Advice on flight training and licence conversions
  • Free classified ads on
  • Promotion of members events / fly-ins on and the NMAI Facebook page (600+ Fans)
  • Access to the NMAI Flying Group


The new NMAI have big plans for 2014 but this is only possible with the support of members. We are currently preparing a proposal on SSDR to be discussed with the IAA very shortly following the implementation of SSDR in the UK. We will also be meeting with the IAA shortly to discuss some outstanding licensing issues.


We are also planning some inspector’s days and other open days for members to learn about various elements of microlight operations and maintenance.


Membership can be removed by visiting (new members also welcome!)

Fly from €20 per hour! *

The NMAI are delighted to announce the NMAI Flying Group. The group will give NMAI members affordable access to 3 Axis and flexwing aircraft. The group already has a Cyclone AX3 flying and will shortly have a Pegasus XL available too. See the new dedicated page at for more information.

NMAI Flying Group AX3

New Tech Office opened at Limetree

At the recent AGM, the NMAI officially opened the new Tech Office at Limetree Airfield. The tech office houses the documentation of all the aircraft that are operated under the NMAI airworthiness scheme (117 aircraft at the last count!), and is the location where all of the permit applications are processed. Since the formation of the NMAI many moons ago, the tech office has usually been located in the home of the Chief Technical Officer. The opening of the office in Limetree marks the first permanent address of the NMAI and is a huge leap forward for the Association. The new office has plenty of space and now holds all of the IT equipment and records required to operate our airworthiness system.

The aircraft documents library

The aircraft documents library


As announced at our recent AGM, Mark Brereton will be taking over from Padraig Higgins as Chief Technical Officer in the next few weeks.


There are plenty of benefits to the association in having a public office. For owners, if you get your aircraft inspected before the expiry of your existing permit, you can fly into Limetree to collect your documentation. We plan on purchasing some tools that inspectors can borrow from the office when carrying out inspections on members’ aircraft. When aircraft have transitioned to 3 years permits, the validity certificates can be signed on the spot at Limetree by the CTO, which will extend the permits validity for another year. The office can also be used as a means to promote the association and grow our membership. If you’re flying in to Limetree, feel free to drop in and say hello!


All future correspondence for the Tech Office including permit applications should be addressed to: NMAI Tech Office, Limetree Airfield, Portarlington, Co. Laois. The new Tech Office email address is


Incoming CTO Mark Brereton busy processing a permit application

Incoming CTO Mark Brereton busy processing a permit application

2014 Annual General Meeting

18th May 2014 

The Garryhinch Golf Club in Portarlington was the venue for this year’s AGM. Attendance was around 60 members, a good turnout of considering the poor weather and the amount of members that had planned to fly-in to Limetree.

Getting prepared for the 2014 AGM

Getting prepared for the 2014 AGM

Mark Dwyer our interim chairman got on with the job making the agenda stay in focus with the slides.  The list of achievements for 2013 was pretty impressive.

  • 3 Year Permit approved
  • 2 New Mods Approved
  • 2 New Aircraft Types Approved
  • New Tech Office opened at Limetree Airfield
  • NMAI Flying Group Formed
  • 1 New Check pilot Appointed
  • 2 New Inspectors Appointed

NMAI finance will benefit usefully from the three year permit. We need to continue our efforts to keep regulation proportionate and fair.  Our ongoing plans show that there are still plenty of projects to get on with. The priorities for this year will be to streamline to importation of new types into the country, increase membership and get more aircraft in permit and into the air.

The new committee was elected unanimously by the floor;

Chairman Vacant
Vice Chairman & CTO Mark Brereton
Vice CTO Niamh Fitzgibbon
Treasurer & Secretary Ken Lannery
Committee Member John Moriarty
Public Relations David Bolger
Membership Steve Newlands

Much appreciation and thanks is due to Paul McMahon and Padraig Higgins for their respective 12 and five years of dedication – thanks guys, you are the ones who brought it along all this time; we will do well to keep up with your achievements, and hope to count on a little informal advice now and then. Padraig will remain on as CTO for the coming weeks to smooth the transition to Mark Brereton who will take over as CTO.

Let’s hope we all, Committee and Members alike, continue to keep microlight flying in Ireland enjoyable, convenient, safe and affordable for the future.  And as Paul said in his farewell speech, keep an eye out for the larger European scene and how we can cooperate and benefit one another.


Committee Contact Details

Mark Dwyer –

Ken Lannery –

Mark Brereton –

Brian Lowe –

John Moriarty –


The Annual General Meeting of the National Microlight Association of Ireland will take place at 2pm on the 18th May 2014 in Portarlington Golf Club. Shuttle busses will run from Limetree Airfield Which Is only 2 mins up the road. There will be A BBQ afterwards in Limetree. New members welcome.

GASCI Safety Evenings Apr 2014

GASCI Are running 2 safety evening during April.  These are Free events; anyone connected, in any way, with General Aviation is most welcome. Tea Coffee & biscuits provided! 

The Events details are

Friday 11 April 2014 @ 19.30 start – Location Greenhills Hotel, Caherdavin, Ennis Rd, Limerick

Saturday 12 April 2014 @19.30 Start – Location Cork Intl Airport Hotel, Cork Airport, Co Cork.

For more information please visit –


An Assessment of General Aviation Incident Reporting in Ireland

As a General Aviation Pilot in Ireland, have you ever completed a voluntary occurrence report? John Kent is completing a Flight Safety Survey titled ‘An Assessment of General Aviation Incident Reporting in Ireland’ as part of an MSc in ‘Safety and Accident Investigation’ at Cranfield University. If you could take a few minutes to fill in the survey that would be great. Click through the link below for the survey

NMAI Chairman stands aside.

At a National Microlight Association of Ireland Committee meeting on 12th September 2013, it was held, with regret, that it was appropriate in the circumstances for our Chairman Mr. Paul McMahon to stand aside.

Paul is Judicially Reviewing the Irish Aviation Authority for an impugned decision that they reached concerning him in his professional capacity. With certain compulsion it was agreed by all those present, that in the short term and in order to avoid the slightest perception of bias or conflicts of interest that Paul should graciously step aside until the High Court has ruled in his case.

Paul McMahon’s skills and effort has hall marked his commitment to the NMAI over the years. His qualities include his profound intellect and recall of aviation law and his unique skill and courteousness to all. This is matched by his wonderful wicked wit and razor sharp intellect that will serve him well in his ongoing proceedings, which shall be no bother to him, a man of outstanding integrity.

In the interim Mr. Mark Dwyer was proposed by the committee and unanimously accepted by all present as Acting Chairman. Mark kindly accepted and said “I’d like to personally thank Paul McMahon for all his hard work over the last 10 years with the NMAI. Paul’s work at national and international level has ensured that microlighting has flourished in Ireland while many other sectors of aviation are in decline. I look forward to working with the committee of the NMAI to continue with the projects that Paul has helped to develop over the last number of years.”

The NMAI committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Paul McMahon for the ten years he successfully represented our member’s interests. He has shown great ability and a profound sense of skill and integrity often at huge personal cost to himself and his family. Many of the rights and privileges that Irish aircraft owners and pilots enjoy today came about as a result of Paul’s hard work and unrelenting effort. Because of his work and his fearlessness in challenging authority, when they get it wrong, we operate in a much safer environment today. We wish his successor every success knowing that Paul’s work is not complete.

Ken Lannery
Secretary & Treasurer
National Microlight Association of Ireland