You need to learn some basic theory and most importantly learn to fly the aircraft to be legal & safe!

There are many microlight flight schools all over Ireland

Minimum requirements and costs for training vary depended on were in Ireland you learn and it is recommended that you speak to a microlight pilot or join the NMAI forum to get feedback from existing pilots on which route will suit your budget and needs best.

At the moment to fly microlight aircraft in Ireland you need:
· Class 2 medical from an Irish Aviation Authority approved GP – Click here for a list of doctors.
· RT license in the English language.
· A minimum of 30 hrs if training in the South or 25 hrs if training in the North, of which at least 10 hrs must be solo.

Requirement to hold a Microlight Pilot Licence

Under the Irish Aviation Authority (Personnel Licensing) Orders, a pilot of a microlight aeroplane is required to hold a Private Pilot Licence (Microlight) (abbreviated “PPL(M)”). A person learning to fly a microlight aeroplane must hold a Student Pilot Licence (abbreviated “SPL”) before he flies the aeroplane on his own (“solo” flying) and he may only fly solo when authorised by an appropriately licensed Flight Instructor.

Details of Licensing requirements can be found here.