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E-MPD Clevis Pin / Split Ring Installations – Inspection / Replacement

Following maintenance, a clevis pin came out of the RP-4 roll trim system pulley on a QuikR causing a left turn. The split ring securing the clevis pin had come out. It is not known if the ring was disturbed during the maintenance. The split ring which came out was the same “spiral start” pattern as that which has caused trouble before (see Service Bulletin 139). This pattern of ring has no positive stop, so that simple rotation of the ring (e.g. caused by it getting caught on something) will cause it to disengage. Disengagement of the split ring and subsequent clevis pin departure could affect the control of the aircraft.

Manufacturer: P&M Aviation Ltd

Applicability: 2016-011-e

Effective Date: 24 November 2016

Compliance/Action: Compliance is required as follows, unless previously accomplished:

  1. Before further flight, from the effective date of this MPD, inspect all clevis pin / split ring installations on the aircraft in accordance with paragraph 2 of P & M Aviation Ltd Service Bulletin 144.
  2. If the inspection in paragraph 1 reveals any spiral start pattern split rings they must be replaced in accordance with paragraph 2 of P & M Aviation Ltd Service Bulletin 144 before further flight.
  3. Record the inspection from paragraph 1 and any necessary rectification action from paragraph 2 in the aircraft technical log in accordance with paragraph 3 of P & M Aviation Ltd Service Bulletin 144.
  4. Repeat the actions in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 at each Permit to Fly revalidation. 

Reference Publications: See Here

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