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2014 Annual General Meeting

18th May 2014 

The Garryhinch Golf Club in Portarlington was the venue for this year’s AGM. Attendance was around 60 members, a good turnout of considering the poor weather and the amount of members that had planned to fly-in to Limetree.

Getting prepared for the 2014 AGM

Getting prepared for the 2014 AGM

Mark Dwyer our interim chairman got on with the job making the agenda stay in focus with the slides.  The list of achievements for 2013 was pretty impressive.

  • 3 Year Permit approved
  • 2 New Mods Approved
  • 2 New Aircraft Types Approved
  • New Tech Office opened at Limetree Airfield
  • NMAI Flying Group Formed
  • 1 New Check pilot Appointed
  • 2 New Inspectors Appointed

NMAI finance will benefit usefully from the three year permit. We need to continue our efforts to keep regulation proportionate and fair.  Our ongoing plans show that there are still plenty of projects to get on with. The priorities for this year will be to streamline to importation of new types into the country, increase membership and get more aircraft in permit and into the air.

The new committee was elected unanimously by the floor;

Chairman Vacant
Vice Chairman & CTO Mark Brereton
Vice CTO Niamh Fitzgibbon
Treasurer & Secretary Ken Lannery
Committee Member John Moriarty
Public Relations David Bolger
Membership Steve Newlands

Much appreciation and thanks is due to Paul McMahon and Padraig Higgins for their respective 12 and five years of dedication – thanks guys, you are the ones who brought it along all this time; we will do well to keep up with your achievements, and hope to count on a little informal advice now and then. Padraig will remain on as CTO for the coming weeks to smooth the transition to Mark Brereton who will take over as CTO.

Let’s hope we all, Committee and Members alike, continue to keep microlight flying in Ireland enjoyable, convenient, safe and affordable for the future.  And as Paul said in his farewell speech, keep an eye out for the larger European scene and how we can cooperate and benefit one another.


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