Types of Microlight

Types of Microlight Aircraft:

In general, the IAA expect that Irish microlights be of a type complying with the UK Airworthiness standard, (BCAR Section “S”).
Some microlights that are flying legally (and safely) here are not currently approved in the UK. These would include the Czech Urban Air machines, Lambada and Samba,Russian MiG biplane, the German Mosquito, and a Pegasus flexwing trike fitted to a Huntwing wing. The aircraft listed below are factory or kit built aircraft complying with BCAR Section ‘S’ or equivalent code as agreed with the I.A.A. The list includes aircraft for which the NMAI has full technical documentation.
(* Indicates that the aircraft is accepted on a one off basis only and not as a general type).


· Thruster T.300
· Chevron 2-32
· MW 5 Sorcerer
· Shadow Series C-D
· Evektor – Aerotechnik Eurostar EV-97 Model 2000
· Evektor – Aerotechnic Eurostar EV-97 Model 97*
· Urban Air Lambada UFM 11*
· Urban Air Lambada UFM 11 UK
· Thruster TST Mk1
· Thruster T600N (450kg. Jabiru)
· Tecnam P92/EM Echo
· Atec Zephyr 2000EJ
· Cyclone AX3

· BRM Land Africa
· Ikarus C42
· Pioneer 200 *

Kit built aircraft (three axis and flexwing):

· X’Air Mk. 1 (three axis)
· X’Air Mk. 2 Falcon (three axis)
· X’Air Hawk (three axis)
· MXP740 Savannah (three axis)
· Sky Ranger (three axis)
· Escapade (three axis)
· Air Creation Kiss 400 (flexwing)
· Air Creation Kiss 450 (flexwing)
· Air Creation Tanarg (flexwing)
· Air Creation iXess (flexwing)


· Gemini Flash 1
· Pegasus XL-R
· Mainair Mercury
· Quantum-15-912
· Medway EclipseR
· Huntwing/Pegasus Classic*
· Puma Sprint
· Pegasus XL-Q
· Pegasus Quasar 503`
· Air Creation Kiss 400
· Air Creation Kiss 450
· Mainair Blade
· Air Creation Tanarg
· Air Creation iXess