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Requirements for Training

A person wishing to obtain a PPL for a microlight aeroplane must undergo a course of ground (Theoretical Knowledge) and flight training which is set out in the appropriate syllabuses. Generally, this training will be obtained at a microlight flying club. Flight training covers normal and emergency procedures in general handling and cross-country navigation exercises. A minimum of 30 hours total flight time must be obtained or 25 hours total if training the the North, which must include 10 hours of solo time and the required qualifying solo cross country flight. (Note: Microlight pilots are not required to undergo the 5 hours of instrument / radio navigation training required by conventional aeroplane pilots.)  Ground training covers air frame and engine technical knowledge, aircraft performance and ‘weight & balance’, meteorology (weather), navigation theory and flight planning, air law (Rules of the Air), radio communications (including Air Traffic Control procedures) and Human Performance & Limitations (the medical, physical and psychological aspects of flying).

Microlight Pilot Medical Requirements

Before going solo on Student Pilot Licence, or being issued with a Student Private Pilot Licence, a person must pass a medical examination for a Class 2 Medical Certificate. This examination must be undertaken with a doctor who is nominated as an Aeromedical Examiner (AME) by the IAA.

For a full list of Aeromedical Examiners in Ireland Click Here.

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