National Microlight Association of Ireland

Promoting Microlight Flying in Ireland

NMAI Committee Members 2023

  Chairman         Jonathan Marbach   
  Vice Chairman & CTO

       Mark Brereton

  Vice CTO

        Myles Sheehy

        Dec Cassidy

  Treasurer         Des Cassidy
  Membership & Secretary         Pat Marnane    
  PRO              TBA

Committee Role Objectives

· Responsible for the overall management of the National Microlight Association of Ireland.

· To take chairman responsibilities when chairman is not available.

· To deal with all aspects of the National Microlight Association of Ireland business and correspondence.

· Responsible for all moneys received in the name of the company. The keeping of proper books and working with the auditors for preparing yearly accounts.

· Will liaison with the Irish Aviation Authority and the British Microlight Aircraft Association on technical matters. Will be responsible for:
· Providing technical information on aircraft to all members and to oversee all technical seminars/training and inspection of aircraft.
· Maintaining a technical library containing all necessary manuals, parts catalogues, service bulletins, Airworthiness directives, T.A.D.S. etc.
· Evaluating all technical data.
· Establishing standards for Aircraft Inspectors and for accessing that individuals are suitable for recommendation to the association committee
· Issuing Inspector Authorisation documents.
· Evaluating and training owners/pilots to allow them to certify maintenance.
· Maintaining items of specialised tools and test equipment necessary for the safe maintenance and operation of NMAI aircraft.
· Providing owners of aircraft with information and advice on Airworthiness matters.
· Monitoring the operation of the permit to fly system on a continuous basis.
· Reviewing all applications for a permit to fly, and making suitable recommendation to the Association Committee as to the suitability of new aircraft for the issue of a permit to fly.

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