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Ireland Air Rally 2015

The NMAI are delighted to announce the inaugural Round Ireland Air Rally. The Rally has been designed to allow pilots travel around Ireland in an organised trip to visit airfields, landmarks and areas of beauty. The 2015 Air Rally...

IAA Publish Further Guidance on using Petrol in Aircraft

Further to the NMAI’s advice last week that members should be careful about where they source their fuel, the IAA have now published Safety Leaflet IGA9. We urge all members to carefully read the attached guidance. Stretched fuel will...

Fuel Quality

The NMAI has been made aware of a number of incidents where sub standard fuel is being sold at filling stations throughout the country. This has caused some serious damage to engines and obviously the potential consequences are fatal....

French Microlights free to visit Ireland for up to 28 Days

The IAA have published a revision to Aeronautical Notice A19 which includes French registered aircraft operating on Flight Permits. Such aircraft are welcome to visit Ireland for up to 28 days without any additional airworthiness documentation. This does not...

NMAI Fly-In 2014

Our fly-in this year will be held in association with FlyingInIreland Magazine and will be held at Limetree Airfield over the weekend of August 2nd / 3rd. Anyone who is planning on arriving on the Friday evening will be...

Membership for 2014-2015 now due

Membership for the coming year (2014-2015) is now due and we would appreciate if existing/former members could renew their memberships as soon as possible. The NMAI relies on strength in numbers and each and every new member is extremely...