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Tellus Survey back for 2017

Tellus Survey back for 2017

Have you heard of the Tellus survey? It may be relevant to you. Conducted by the Geological Survey Ireland (GSI), the Tellus survey collects geochemical and geophysical data on rocks, soil and water across Ireland. The latest geophysical phase of the survey involves a...

EuroFox SB – Checking of elevator trim cable assembly

Applicability: All EuroFOX aircraft operating under the NMAI Flight Permit system. Compliance By: Required at the annual inspection and 100 hr. service intervals, though recommended as part of a normal daily inspection. Ongoing compliance: Assembly is easily visible and is already part of the recommended...

E-MPD Clevis Pin / Split Ring Installations – Inspection / Replacement

Following maintenance, a clevis pin came out of the RP-4 roll trim system pulley on a QuikR causing a left turn. The split ring securing the clevis pin had come out. It is not known if the ring was disturbed during the maintenance. The...